Welcome to the Fabrega Family Home Page

     We have reached the year 2018 with the good news that the Fabrega Family has continued to communicate, and that many who met each other during the year 2000 Family Dinner and the Second Reunion April 2010 have continued to meet and write often. This is something which makes us very happy, as all the efforts from this page to keep the family together have been successful. Many are now aware of the branch of the family to which they belong, and have found family members through these internet pages. We have celebrated the Second Fabrega Family Reunion April 14th in Club Union in Panama City. It was really a wonderful evening, filled with fond memories and joy at seeing so many relatives again.

     You will be able to observe that the genealogical tree has advanced quite a bit, some family members have even sent the names of their descendants as soon as they are born! This is something we would like to encourage, because this way the tree is always up-to-date. Of course, I would like to reiterate that any error or omission can only be corrected if you send the information. Many members of the family send the name of a descendant without sending the name of both parents. It is our policy to list the name of the father and the name of the mother, so that the information is as complete as possible.

     We would also like to remind you we have several sections in this page which may be of family interest. The Section "Album" is there so we can publish old family photos. There are some already published there, but we could have more if you send them.

     We also wish that, going through this page, you have a good time. In addition to our family members, those with which we share our surname are welcome to this site, even though we might not be directly related, as well as those who are visiting our page.

Brunilda Núñez Fábrega de Baeza, Editor



   "Panamá Viejo" de Ricardo Fábrega por cortesía de su hijo el Dr. Rolando Fábrega